Days 22 – 30

November 30, 2010

I’m behind, so I’m going to spam you with the rest of the days.

22-Favorite Earth Location

My love of the Juice Bar/Youth Center is strong and true. So many amazing things have happened there! The first and best of all the Rangers’ hangouts and some amazing parties. And kidnappings, of course, this being PR.

Also, Angel Grove High. Because the original was about teenagers with attitude, and I freaking love that.

23-Favorite non-Earth location


Oh wait, I guess technically that counts as Earth. (It’s still it’s own country, at least. Seriously)

I thought about this for a while, since there are some pretty amazing non-Earth locations (Terra Venture, Mirinoi, KO-35, etc) but I’m going to have to go with one of these two choices.

Seriously, how badass is the moon palace? Part of that is the awesome people who are in it, but still! Moon palace! ❤

Also, I love our first real alien planet.

Aquitar is freaking awesome. I can almost understand why Billy decided to live there. (Not really. I still refuse to believe that he married a fish.)

24-Favorite Zord

You know what I loved about Wild Force? All the ridicumazing Zords.

The Armadillo Zord is freaking AWESOME. AWESOME. I want one!

And in Jungle Fury, well, nobody has ever been able to explain to me how a surfing penguin fits in, but it’s so cute that I don’t care. I really want one.

Oh, and Eric is right. The Q-Rex could totally beat up the DragonZord.

25-Favorite Uniforms

Hilariously, my least favorite seasons have my favorite uniforms. Go figure.

I hate pretty much everything about this season, except for the uniforms. (And OaR. And Mack. They are also awesome.) This is not including Tyzone’s costume, because that is the ugliest thing a Ranger has ever worn.

I also really love the Lightspeed Rangers uniforms!

And even though this is a shitty picture, I like the Wild Force design.

(I really like the uniforms for most seasons, actually.  Even the stupid capes for Mystic Force. And the Charlie Brown shirts for Lost Galaxy.)

And of course, you can’t go wrong with these.

Best freaking team ever.

26-Favorite morph call/sequence

The look on Kira’s face is freaking amazing. The end.

I mean, I love the DT Morph sequence in general, but that episode is AMAZING.

Honorable mention to SPD.

It’s Morphing Time is still the best thing to call out, though.

27-Favorite Morpher

There are not enough words to express how much I want the Zeo Morphers. I mean, I would also love a communicator and a power coin, but the ZEO MORPHERS. WANT.

28-Favorite under a spell

The Power Punks is the GREATEST THING in the history of Power Rangers. AMAZING. Just LOOK AT THEM. (How hot is Billy?) I just, this episode will never stop being funny to me. NEVER.

(Also, I find it hilarious that when I googled “power rangers punks” a whole bunch of pictures of Jason David Frank came up. That is also amazing.)

29-Favorite storyarc/episode

My all time favorite episode is Always a Chance. This is never going to change. It features emo!Adam and his power addiction and is the source of 90% of my fanon about him, and basically I love everything about that episode and him.

Multi-part episode, I love Dark Wish to a ridiculous degree. Dystopias for the win.

Arch? Hilariously, I’m going with Overdrive.

Seriously, the iMack was pretty awesome. Too bad I disliked everyone else.

30-Favorite finale

Countdown to Destruction is the only acceptable answer to this question, because Bulk and Skull are Big Damn Heroes. The end.

It’s even better when you realize this is BULK AND SKULL. And the citizens of Angel Grove, and basically I just love everything about this moment. LOVE.

Bonus!31 – Favorite weapon

Seriously, why does Tommy get all the cool toys?

And DONE. That was a fun meme. Too bad I didn’t manage to do it daily. Oops.


Day 21

November 8, 2010

21-Favorite HQ

There is really only one answer for this.

The original Command Center is so awesome. It has just the right scifi feel to it. Even if it is a little crowded. But it’s exactly what I picture when I think of where the Power Rangers should be getting mission briefings and things. Plus, you can’t not love the viewing globe.

I also really love JKP. Even if the pizza that RJ makes is not fit for human consumption. Some things do not go on pizza.

Plus, they swing on vines. And RJ’s chair is awesome. The end.

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Day 20

November 5, 2010

20-Favorite Teamup

Anyone who says anything other than Reinforcements from the Future is WRONG. WRONG, I TELL YOU.

Have some reasons why.

1-Katie and Danny arm wrestling. Actually, the holding ending of the episode, which was just RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE. And deserves the caps.

2-The relationship between Jen and Ransik. Freaking amazing.

3-Taylor and Eric. They are adorable.

4-Seriously, you can’t look at these pictures and not want to cheer.

5-Jen in leather is really hot.

Now, this being me it is AMAZING that I didn’t choose one of the following two episodes.

As awesome as Once a Ranger is, it has two problems.


2-Not enough time concentrating on the veterans. Too much of the ridiculous Overdrive team.

3-Not enough Adam.

So speaking of Adam, this episode SHOULD be my favorite crossover, and is in fact my favorite episode of all Power Rangers.

I could write a few thousand words about Adam’s psychological issues and his addiction to the power and why he was trying to commit suicide, but I will spare you that for now, especially since Day 29 is favorite episode.

But I don’t judge it as a full teamup. Why? Because. I have no real reason, other than wanting to talk about why Reinforcements from the future is awesome.

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Day 19

November 4, 2010

19-Favorite Friendship

I am going to do this by choosing someone I don’t ship at all. Which is difficult with me, since I ship everyone.

Actually, this was pretty easy.

I love the nakama formed by the three of them. Their friendship is perfect and so real, and it was a great reminder of why I loved this show. You could tell that the characters were really friends. They cheered on Kira at her shows! And did the same for Ethan at his tournament and Conner at his games. They took care of each other. They teased, but it was loving.

Basically, favorites.

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Day 18

November 3, 2010

18-Favorite Couple (fanon)

I swear, I won’t list every single Adam ship I have, so I’ll only give you two.

Adam/Rocky! And Adam/Aisha! And Adam/Rocky/Aisha! Seriously, the Stone Canyon Trio is pretty much my favorite thing ever, and I ship the three of them so hard, you have no idea.

(I was also tempted to list Adam/Kim and Adam/Kira. And Adam/Tommy.)

Runners up, from a variety of different seasons.

Billy and Kim are annoyed that I couldn’t find a better picture of them. But the geek and the cheerleader? Yeah, I totally get behind that trope. LOVE.

Honestly, I almost put Katie and Trip in the canon section. The only reason I didn’t is that I forgot. They’re pretty much canon. And adorable.

Seriously, if I had my way, Wes, Jen, Eric and Taylor would live in a house together and all share. But Wes and Eric again fall into some of my favorite tropes. Boarding school! Daddy issues! Bickering! Friends turned enemies turned friends again! Yeah, LOVE.

Nothing is ever going to convince me that their round the world trip wasn’t a honeymoon.

Chip and Vida are also annoyed that they got a lousy screencap, and Xander refused to participate. But um, the relationship between the three of them is my favorite thing about Mystic Force, and I LOVE Mystic Force.

Oh, Dillon and Ziggy. I adore you. (I almost wrote this whole post about how RPM just got the shipping completely wrong, and they should have been pushing Scott/Summer, and also how they are secretly the X-Men)

Basically, Dillon/Ziggy makes way more sense and is adorable. Dillon/Summer is like… Jean/Logan. And I can’t get behind that unless Scott is also involved, so you know, Dillon/Summer/Scott would also be okay.

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Day 17

November 2, 2010

17-Favorite Couple (Canon)

This one I could actually just choose one for. I’ll give you my backup choices also. But my OTP of all Power Rangers OTPs is actually a canon het ship. (I KNOW, I am so confused by this.)

I love Adam and Tanya SO MUCH. SO MUCH. They are my favorites forever and ever, and as much as Adam is my little black dress of fandom, I ship them forever and ever.

But since I like picspam, have some more canon couples that I like!

Wes/Jen. Seriously, just make out already. I am fond of time-crossed lovers. Like, a lot.

Taylor and Eric! Be more adorable, your lovely bickering selves. ❤

Kira and Trent are Tommy and Kimberly done right. I love them.

And of course, I love Theo and Lily. SO MUCH.

I’ve already mentioned my love for Jarrod/Camille, so they don’t get mentioned again. But yay for ships! People should write more about how adorable all of these couples are. Especially Adam/Tanya.

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Day 16

November 1, 2010

16-Favorite Supporting Character

Everyone has to love these two guys, right?

Bulk and Skull had more character development than anyone else in Power Rangers. From Bullies to Big Damn Heroes. We got to watch them grow and change, with hints of their eventual SHEER AWESOME in season 2 when they first rescued the Rangers. Basically, as much as I can’t stand their behavior towards Kim and Trini (which makes my shipping Skull/Kim pretty weird) I still think some of their bullying ways make sense, since until TJ shows up, the Rangers give as good as they get. But Bulk and Skull  are awesome. I love them.

Actually, the early seasons had a lot of really awesome supporting characters.

He totally knows who the Rangers are. I mean, why else would they have run off without paying their bill (again) during a monster attack? Also, because he’s the smartest ever.

I still think Angel Grove’s education system fails, but I love her. (This may have to do with how totally awesome the actress is. Also, it’s MS. Appleby.)

From some later seasons –

BOOM. Boom is made of love and joy and win, and he’s amazing.

Best Troblin ever, y/y?

Oh, Toby. *hearts* I wish you were my boss.

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