Marvel Solicits

Well, it’s time for lunch, and I have the choice of going through my google reader or talking about solicits again, so I choose the solicits. (My google reader is getting scary. I’m never going to catch up. Ever.)

Apparently I chose a good time to actually start blogging. Because solicits. Yes.

Everyone is going to talk about Rebirth Reborn,  so I have nothing to say about it. (Okay, I lied.) I mean, I hope Cap is coming back? I like Steve.I would also like to see Jean back. And Jubilee to get her powers back. I mean, while I’m making a wish list. It looks like it would be Steve that they’re teasing, which means either it is Steve and they’re just building up the hype to make people buy the book, which, considering the creators involved most people would do anyway, or they’re stealing from Geoff Johns where they’re making it incredibly obvious that a character is coming back, but then at the last minute making it be someone else entirely. (Not that I’m still annoyed about the whole Chris Kent thing. Except I am.)

Random thoughts:

1-Does the Pride & Prejudice solicit really say Lizzy’s in a tizzy? Seriously?

2-I still do not care about The Hood. At all.

3-All the talk of weddings in the Spider-Man solicits just make me wonder whose marriage Peter will sell to the devil this time.

4-Hulk is getting renumbered also? This presents a cataloging issue.

5-Why does Deadpool need so many minis? And why aren’t any of them being written by Fabian Nicieza?

6-Not even going to comment on the whole Marvel Divas thing. I like it in theory, but it just looks like it won’t be the book I want it to be.


3 Responses to Marvel Solicits

  1. Jennifer says:

    I love how “this presents a cataloguing issue” is your biggest problem with the Hulk book. 😉

    I’m still hoping that Brubaker will resurrect Jean and Steve will reappear in the X-Men in a torn black dress and pearls.

  2. Jenn says:

    I’m hoping that Franklin is the new Sorcerer Supreme, because the DR:FF solicit says you won’t expect the solution.

    Also, the Hood is boring, and I don’t get Bendis’ crush on him.

    The best part of the solicits, GeNext mentioning Rico and robots. This makes my Val/Kristoff theories one bit closer to reality!

  3. Margot says:

    @Jen The renumberings are seriously driving me crazy! I can’t figure out how to catalog them. And actually, I don’t hate the Hulk book as much as everyone else does. I don’t think it’s particularly insightful or thought provoking, but I like the art, and I am okay with the Hulk just punching people.

    I feel that Brubaker should listen to your advice about the resurrections.

    @Jenn I totally support any of the Richards children ending up as Sorcerer Supreme. Best idea ever!

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