Marvel 1602 – I have no idea what I was waiting for

When the Fantastic Fangirls came up with their challenge to try something new, I originally said I was going to try Cosmic Marvel. Unfortunately, the entire state of Georgia failed me, as not a single library had a copy of Annihilation. I then decided to try Strangers in Paradise. I read the first volume, and I liked it, but I only got the second trade today, so that will have to wait.

What I did read today and absolutely loved was 1602. 1602 is a book that I should have read a while ago – I have a fondness for AUs. I would read an entire series about the Justice Titans from the most recent Superman/Batman arc. I’ve read every single issue of Exiles. But I’d never read 1602.

There’s a reason for this – 1602 came out during that very brief time period when I wasn’t reading comics. I quit reading them for a while in late 2003, right before the first issue came out, and I didn’t start up again until 2007. So while I knew 1602 existed, I just never got around to it. And now I am kicking myself for that, because 1602 is pretty much everything I love.

There isn’t a lot that I can say about the book that hasn’t already been said – 1602 is pretty well loved. I think the book did a wonderful job re-imagining the characters and blending them with the time period. The artwork is beautiful. The story itself is incredible, but I expect nothing less from Neil Gaiman.

I would try to list my favorite parts but a) they would be spoilery and b) there are way too many. I’ll just say that Werner was totally my favorite. Nobody should really be surprised by this. And I would really like more from this universe, and apparently there are two sequels, both of which now have holds on them at the library.


2 Responses to Marvel 1602 – I have no idea what I was waiting for

  1. throughthebrush says:

    1602 was one of the first things I read in Marvel — to the extent that, when the (spoiler character) was revealed to have been (spoiler), I was more surprised that it was (spoiler character) to begin with. It amuses me to think back on it now.

    But, yes, it — and especially Werner — is made of love.

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