Ridiculous Crossovers

If you asked me what I loved about comics, immediately following “Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon” would be ridiculous crossovers. I love crossovers. I love guest appearances. Multiple generations of Titans teaming up to yell “Titans Together!” never fails to make me smile.

This extends into other media as well. I still watch Power Rangers (shut up, I know) and one of my favorite things is when Rangers from previous generations show up to offer advice or help beat an old villain. (The 15th anniversary special where the veteran team of Rangers shows up is pretty much my favorite thing ever.) I love the series 4 finale of Doctor Who when all of the Doctor’s companions from the RTD era show up. I plot ridiculous crossovers in my head, just because I can.  And this extends to more than in-universe crossovers, if given enough time I will come up with a justification to crossover anything.

Which, when I think of it, means I actually love the concept of the shared universe more than anything else. I really love the idea that all of my favorite characters could interact with each other. Dick Grayson and Toro should totally have known each other through circus gossip. Batman would make a great companion for the Doctor.

Really, I’m actually sure that I just wrote up this post to justify why I own two copies of Planet X.

So, what are your favorite ridiculous crossovers? In universe or the most ridiculous combination you can come up with.


8 Responses to Ridiculous Crossovers

  1. Wally East says:

    Cross-overs that should happen:

    Underdog and Krypto
    Flash and Road Runner
    The Enterprise and the Green Lantern Corps vs. the Borg
    The Doctor and Booster Gold
    Wonder Woman and Buffy
    Bruce Wayne and Don Draper (and, sure, why not add James Bond)

    The oddest one that comes to mind is back when Zoom and Cheetah teamed up against Flash and Wonder Woman.

  2. BookGnome says:

    The Federation (Start Trek) meets the Peacekeepers (Farscape).

  3. DaveCarr says:

    I think my favorite T.V crossovers have to be the recebt 20th Aniversary episode ot the Ninja Turtles cartoon Franchise. Loved the episode of Pete and Pete ” of Pete and Pete featuring Syd Straw (David Johanseen, Micheal Stype etc.Little Pete had to form a band. Awesome episode.

    And who can forget the Monkees on Boy Meets World?

    If I had dream crossover, it would probably be that Sabrina the Teenage Witch be able to visit with Clarissa Darling. Mostly because I feel madly in love with Clarissa Darling and this cemented an appreciation. for Mellisa John Hart that lasts to this day

  4. Margot says:

    @Wally East – Those are all amazing ideas! I can just see The Doctor following Booster around, trying to fix all the damage done to the time stream. (Maybe they can both complain about fixed points in time while they’re at it. Heh.)

    @BookGnome – I would totally watch that movie. That is amazing.

    @DaveCarr – I’ve never seen the Ninja Turtles one. Should I look for it? (Speaking of the Monkees and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, I definitely remember the Monkees showing up on Sabrina at one point. It was amazing.) And then if Sabrina and Clarissa meet there could be wacky secretly related hijinks and it would be fabulous!

  5. Jennifer says:

    I feel like the world of Sabrina really tends toward crossovers! There was a Backstreet Boys episode, and there was that night Salem the cat went to all the other TGIF shows and wreaked havoc…

    Anyway, I love crossovers, too. This should not surprise you. I love all the big Marvel “event” crossoves, and I love cross-fandom crossovers. My brain is kind of mush right now, so I can’t seem to name my favorites, but this is as good a place as any to reiterate my feeling that the Disney-Marvel merger should produce awesome crossovers.

  6. Jenn says:

    Ridiculous crossovers are the best!

    I think possibly one of my most favourite crossovers of all time is “The Springfield Files” episode of the Simpsons. Mulder and Scully investigating Homer Simpson’s alien encounter? With bonus Leonard Nimoy? It still makes me laugh like an idiot 13 years later. I only wish they could play it as much as they used to.

    FF: True Story was also wonderful on the sole premise that it was just a big crossover with public domain work. I was saddened that they didn’t find themselves in Josey and The Pussycats, because that would have been hilarious!

    I’ve also possibly been giving random fictional characters various lantern rings. Sharpay Evans gets a Orange power ring. So does Snorlax.

    And of course, Pokemon in the Marvel U. Or Digimon in the Marvel U. Or really, since the Marvel U has so many reality warpers, any crossover is plausible.

  7. Margot says:

    @Luthor – That is amazing.

    @Jen – Seriously, I know that in universe crossovers generally end up driving me crazy, but there’s just something about all the characters interacting with each other! And the yell of Avengers Assemble! Just so awesome! (More Disney/Marvel crossovers are needed!)

    @Jenn Sharpay totally needs an Orange Lantern ring. That is the best crossover idea ever. (Did you get my second email about the Pokemon thing, btw?)

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