Cutting down

I am so far behind on my comics it isn’t even funny. I’m still reading books from February. Staring at the list of comics I still have to read is depressing, and just makes me not want to read them.

People (Caroline, Jen, I’m looking at you) have been asking me forever why I keep reading them if I’m not enjoying them. I touched on it a bit yesterday – when you get in the habit of reading an entire line, it is really hard to stop.

Yesterday, I made a list of what comics are coming out that I actually enjoy reading and I look forward to. It’s not a very long list. (Batgirl, Tiny Titans, Detective Comics, Supergirl, Captain America, Iron Man, New Avengers, X-Factor, Incredible Hercules, Farscape, and Irredeemable. Okay, there are also a few other ones, but I don’t have my list with me) Then there are the books I consider essential and will read anyway (Titans. I know. I should stop. Various X-Books) And there are the books I read because all of my friends are reading them and I should be able to talk about them. (I am not going to list these.)

At some point I should just admit that I really don’t care about Hulk, or Ghost Rider, or well, a lot of other characters. Spider-Man. And because I’m always so behind, I never actually get to have the conversations with people.

So last night, I made a list. I cut down all the books I am just reading because I felt like I should, and I filed them away. The remaining list looks managable. It’s still longer than I’d like, but now that I’ve made the first step, I should probably be able to cut down even more.

My free time thanks me. Maybe I’ll even catch up one day. And hopefully just reading the ones I actually love will remind me why I read comics.


One Response to Cutting down

  1. Jennifer says:

    *hugs* This sounds like a really good thing for you, and a nice new year’s cleansing. May comics bring you more joy in the future!

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