Day of Jubilee

As I mentioned before I am incredibly behind on my comics. I still am. At some point I’ll catch up, but I feel guilty reading new things until I catch up on the old. But yesterday was the Day of Jubilee. Nation X #2 starring my favorite member of the X-Men (and favorite Marvel character, and my third favorite comics character) came out. I had to go brave my LCBS.

Here’s the thing – I hate my LCBS. They don’t order for you unless you agree to sign up for a pull list and agree to give them three month’s notice before you cancel anything, and they’ll sell out of your box if someone gets there before you do. (To the person whose copy of Nation X #2 I bought, I’m sorry. I specifically asked them if they had any extra copies. I didn’t realize until after I’d paid that they’d taken it out of your box.) And because of the recession they don’t actually sell individual issues anymore unless you have a pull list.

I won’t sign up for a pull list with them, because I’m not leaving my credit card information and agreeing to their ridiculous terms, only to have them sell my books before I get there. And the thing is, they are so convenient. They’re really close to where I work. I just hate shopping there.

The other closest comic store is about 27 miles away, and you take back roads to get there mostly. (Well, not actually back roads. But it’s not a highway, and it’s fairly twisty.) With the ice storm we had I didn’t want to drive there. I actually like this store. If they weren’t 27 miles away I would get a pull list with them.

This blog post wasn’t actually supposed to be about me ranting about my comic shops, it was supposed to be me talking about how even with my hatred of reading things out of order, I went and got Jubilee anyway. And oh, what a glorious comic it was. I reviewed it on ifanboy, and I meant everything I said. This comic was pretty much everything I wanted. It was glorious. Jubilee remains my favorite.

Between that and the fact that Birds of Prey is coming back I am not worrying about Batgirl yesterday was my favorite comics day in a long time. Maybe I will catch up on my comics soon. While this good mood and being positive about comics lasts.


One Response to Day of Jubilee

  1. Jennifer says:

    <333 I'm glad the comic made you happy! I rather enjoyed it myself, and I hope someone will pick up the threads from it in a future comic.

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