Day 20

20-Favorite Teamup

Anyone who says anything other than Reinforcements from the Future is WRONG. WRONG, I TELL YOU.

Have some reasons why.

1-Katie and Danny arm wrestling. Actually, the holding ending of the episode, which was just RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE. And deserves the caps.

2-The relationship between Jen and Ransik. Freaking amazing.

3-Taylor and Eric. They are adorable.

4-Seriously, you can’t look at these pictures and not want to cheer.

5-Jen in leather is really hot.

Now, this being me it is AMAZING that I didn’t choose one of the following two episodes.

As awesome as Once a Ranger is, it has two problems.


2-Not enough time concentrating on the veterans. Too much of the ridiculous Overdrive team.

3-Not enough Adam.

So speaking of Adam, this episode SHOULD be my favorite crossover, and is in fact my favorite episode of all Power Rangers.

I could write a few thousand words about Adam’s psychological issues and his addiction to the power and why he was trying to commit suicide, but I will spare you that for now, especially since Day 29 is favorite episode.

But I don’t judge it as a full teamup. Why? Because. I have no real reason, other than wanting to talk about why Reinforcements from the future is awesome.

1-How did you get into PR?
2-Favorite season
3-Favorite Team
4-Favorite Male Ranger
5-Favorite Female Ranger
6-Favorite sixth Ranger
7-Favorite Color Ranger
8-Favorite formerly evil Ranger
9-Favorite Villain

10-Favorite redeemed villain
11-Favorite villain henchmen
12-Favorite villain sidekick
13-Favorite Monster of the Week
14-Favorite Mentor
15-Favorite Support Staff

16-Favorite Supporting Character
17-Favorite Couple (canon)
18-Favorite Couple (Fanon)
19-Favorite friendship
20-Favorite Teamup
21-Favorite HQ
22-Favorite Earth Location
23-Favorite non-Earth location
24-Favorite Zord
25-Favorite Uniforms
26-Favorite morph call/sequence
27-Favorite Morpher
28-Favorite under a spell
29-Favorite storyarc/episode
30-Favorite finale


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