Day 21

21-Favorite HQ

There is really only one answer for this.

The original Command Center is so awesome. It has just the right scifi feel to it. Even if it is a little crowded. But it’s exactly what I picture when I think of where the Power Rangers should be getting mission briefings and things. Plus, you can’t not love the viewing globe.

I also really love JKP. Even if the pizza that RJ makes is not fit for human consumption. Some things do not go on pizza.

Plus, they swing on vines. And RJ’s chair is awesome. The end.

1-How did you get into PR?
2-Favorite season
3-Favorite Team
4-Favorite Male Ranger
5-Favorite Female Ranger
6-Favorite sixth Ranger
7-Favorite Color Ranger
8-Favorite formerly evil Ranger
9-Favorite Villain

10-Favorite redeemed villain
11-Favorite villain henchmen
12-Favorite villain sidekick
13-Favorite Monster of the Week
14-Favorite Mentor
15-Favorite Support Staff

16-Favorite Supporting Character
17-Favorite Couple (canon)
18-Favorite Couple (Fanon)
19-Favorite friendship
20-Favorite Teamup
21-Favorite HQ
22-Favorite Earth Location
23-Favorite non-Earth location
24-Favorite Zord
25-Favorite Uniforms
26-Favorite morph call/sequence
27-Favorite Morpher
28-Favorite under a spell
29-Favorite storyarc/episode
30-Favorite finale


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