Days 22 – 30

I’m behind, so I’m going to spam you with the rest of the days.

22-Favorite Earth Location

My love of the Juice Bar/Youth Center is strong and true. So many amazing things have happened there! The first and best of all the Rangers’ hangouts and some amazing parties. And kidnappings, of course, this being PR.

Also, Angel Grove High. Because the original was about teenagers with attitude, and I freaking love that.

23-Favorite non-Earth location


Oh wait, I guess technically that counts as Earth. (It’s still it’s own country, at least. Seriously)

I thought about this for a while, since there are some pretty amazing non-Earth locations (Terra Venture, Mirinoi, KO-35, etc) but I’m going to have to go with one of these two choices.

Seriously, how badass is the moon palace? Part of that is the awesome people who are in it, but still! Moon palace! ❤

Also, I love our first real alien planet.

Aquitar is freaking awesome. I can almost understand why Billy decided to live there. (Not really. I still refuse to believe that he married a fish.)

24-Favorite Zord

You know what I loved about Wild Force? All the ridicumazing Zords.

The Armadillo Zord is freaking AWESOME. AWESOME. I want one!

And in Jungle Fury, well, nobody has ever been able to explain to me how a surfing penguin fits in, but it’s so cute that I don’t care. I really want one.

Oh, and Eric is right. The Q-Rex could totally beat up the DragonZord.

25-Favorite Uniforms

Hilariously, my least favorite seasons have my favorite uniforms. Go figure.

I hate pretty much everything about this season, except for the uniforms. (And OaR. And Mack. They are also awesome.) This is not including Tyzone’s costume, because that is the ugliest thing a Ranger has ever worn.

I also really love the Lightspeed Rangers uniforms!

And even though this is a shitty picture, I like the Wild Force design.

(I really like the uniforms for most seasons, actually.  Even the stupid capes for Mystic Force. And the Charlie Brown shirts for Lost Galaxy.)

And of course, you can’t go wrong with these.

Best freaking team ever.

26-Favorite morph call/sequence

The look on Kira’s face is freaking amazing. The end.

I mean, I love the DT Morph sequence in general, but that episode is AMAZING.

Honorable mention to SPD.

It’s Morphing Time is still the best thing to call out, though.

27-Favorite Morpher

There are not enough words to express how much I want the Zeo Morphers. I mean, I would also love a communicator and a power coin, but the ZEO MORPHERS. WANT.

28-Favorite under a spell

The Power Punks is the GREATEST THING in the history of Power Rangers. AMAZING. Just LOOK AT THEM. (How hot is Billy?) I just, this episode will never stop being funny to me. NEVER.

(Also, I find it hilarious that when I googled “power rangers punks” a whole bunch of pictures of Jason David Frank came up. That is also amazing.)

29-Favorite storyarc/episode

My all time favorite episode is Always a Chance. This is never going to change. It features emo!Adam and his power addiction and is the source of 90% of my fanon about him, and basically I love everything about that episode and him.

Multi-part episode, I love Dark Wish to a ridiculous degree. Dystopias for the win.

Arch? Hilariously, I’m going with Overdrive.

Seriously, the iMack was pretty awesome. Too bad I disliked everyone else.

30-Favorite finale

Countdown to Destruction is the only acceptable answer to this question, because Bulk and Skull are Big Damn Heroes. The end.

It’s even better when you realize this is BULK AND SKULL. And the citizens of Angel Grove, and basically I just love everything about this moment. LOVE.

Bonus!31 – Favorite weapon

Seriously, why does Tommy get all the cool toys?

And DONE. That was a fun meme. Too bad I didn’t manage to do it daily. Oops.


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