Ridiculous Crossovers

January 5, 2010

If you asked me what I loved about comics, immediately following “Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon” would be ridiculous crossovers. I love crossovers. I love guest appearances. Multiple generations of Titans teaming up to yell “Titans Together!” never fails to make me smile.

This extends into other media as well. I still watch Power Rangers (shut up, I know) and one of my favorite things is when Rangers from previous generations show up to offer advice or help beat an old villain. (The 15th anniversary special where the veteran team of Rangers shows up is pretty much my favorite thing ever.) I love the series 4 finale of Doctor Who when all of the Doctor’s companions from the RTD era show up. I plot ridiculous crossovers in my head, just because I can.  And this extends to more than in-universe crossovers, if given enough time I will come up with a justification to crossover anything.

Which, when I think of it, means I actually love the concept of the shared universe more than anything else. I really love the idea that all of my favorite characters could interact with each other. Dick Grayson and Toro should totally have known each other through circus gossip. Batman would make a great companion for the Doctor.

Really, I’m actually sure that I just wrote up this post to justify why I own two copies of Planet X.

So, what are your favorite ridiculous crossovers? In universe or the most ridiculous combination you can come up with.