Day 17

November 2, 2010

17-Favorite Couple (Canon)

This one I could actually just choose one for. I’ll give you my backup choices also. But my OTP of all Power Rangers OTPs is actually a canon het ship. (I KNOW, I am so confused by this.)

I love Adam and Tanya SO MUCH. SO MUCH. They are my favorites forever and ever, and as much as Adam is my little black dress of fandom, I ship them forever and ever.

But since I like picspam, have some more canon couples that I like!

Wes/Jen. Seriously, just make out already. I am fond of time-crossed lovers. Like, a lot.

Taylor and Eric! Be more adorable, your lovely bickering selves. ❤

Kira and Trent are Tommy and Kimberly done right. I love them.

And of course, I love Theo and Lily. SO MUCH.

I’ve already mentioned my love for Jarrod/Camille, so they don’t get mentioned again. But yay for ships! People should write more about how adorable all of these couples are. Especially Adam/Tanya.

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Days 14 and 15

October 29, 2010

14-Favorite Mentor

There has only been one good mentor in all of Power Rangers.

No, not this guy. There’s a reason I have a Zordon fail tag that gets a lot of use.

I’m talking about this guy.

RJ. Look, the stool metaphor alone sold me on him. He looks out for his teams, he knows when to help them and when to let them figure things out on their own, and he helps them grow. Best freaking mentor ever. BEST.

The only other option was a hamster, so really, it wasn’t like there was a lot of competition.

But yeah, RJ. He is made of win.

(Why so much weed, RJ?)

(Also, first purple Ranger. LOVE.)

15-Favorite Support Staff

Hayley is awesome, totally did Tommy’s doctoral work for him, and is the brains behind the Dino Rangers. One day people will write me fic where she goes out to drinks with Kim and Kat and makes fun of Tommy for a million words. Also, she’s awesome and doesn’t put up with bullshit. Favorite.

FRAN. I love Fran! She likes books! And gets annoyed by the Rangers always leaving her to do work! And she is totally competent, and if I was in the Power Rangers universe, I would be Fran. If I was lucky enough.

Alpha is awesome. He was also awesome when he was briefly evil. Best robot ever, for real.

Honorable mention also goes to these two fine Doctors –

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Day 13

October 27, 2010

13-Favorite Monster of the Week

When I first started recapping episodes with Queenriley, I would have told you that my favorite was the Terror Toad. But that was because I had forgotten about the glory that was the Oysterizer.

Our reaction to that episode was… REALLY NSFW. I still CANNOT STOP LAUGHING. Best monster ever, y/y?

Runners up, both for having amazing monsters and for being amazing episodes as well.

The Terror Toad is still awesome, and Kimberly totally kicked its ass.

And Pudgy Pig is still oddly adorable.

And Waspicable just loved flowers! How can you not like this guy?

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Day 7

October 19, 2010

7-Favorite color Ranger.

When I came up with this meme, I meant this to be an overall “which color category of Rangers do you like best?” And I mean, my answer is honestly the Pink Rangers. Of course, if I could have a one color teamup, it would be Forever Yellow. (It might have been Blue, but my hatred of Dax is preventing that from ever happening. There’s no Yellow Ranger that I actually HATE, but Dax forever ruins Forever Blue.)

I love the female Rangers. LOVE. To a ridiculous degree. So yeah, the Pinks and Yellows are what I immediately think of for this question, but that isn’t how I’m going to answer it. Instead, I am going to spam you with my favorites of each color.

(For the record, I do subscribe to the theory that there are certain personality traits that the different colors share. It isn’t quite as strict as saying “all [color] are this” but there are definitely similarities.)

(Also, I really just feel like spamming everyone with pictures)

Feel free to ask me in the comments about either a) why a Ranger I’ve posted a picture of is awesome or b) for me to tell you an awesome thing that a Ranger who didn’t make my list did.  Basically, this is the TSB thinks Rangers are awesome and would like to do picspam and flaily post, ok?








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Day 6

October 18, 2010

Favorite Sixth Ranger.

I generally don’t like the sixth Rangers. Probably for the same reason that I generally dislike the Red Rangers. They tend to be wonderful and special and then suddenly everything will concentrate on them to the exclusion of the characters I actually care about. (Look, I have a thing for sidekicks. See my obsession with the Teen Titans.)

So yeah, sixth Rangers are not really my thing. With a couple of exceptions.

1- Eric from Time Force.

Eric should not be my type. He’s a Red Ranger, and an Oh-So-Special character that gets a million episodes about him. But you know what? He’s awesome and has daddy issues and just wants people to love him, and has the best subtext ever with Wes, and he pretty much hits all of my favorite narrative kinks, and basically, favorite. Plus, the Q-Rex is awesome.

2-Cam from Ninja Storm

Sarcastic tech (with daddy issues) who just wants to be a Ranger? And he summons a Zord with the power of rock? Yesplease.

3-Trent from Dino Thunder

Trent is Tommy Oliver done correctly. (Yes, I know, he’s not a sixth Ranger. But except for the fact that he’s only the fifth, he fulfills every other requirement of a sixth Ranger. Outsider, comes late to the party, was briefly secretly evil/worked against them, etc.) Basically, if Tommy had been as awesome as Trent is, I would like Tommy. Trent was under a spell evil, beat up Tommy (this may factor into my love of Trent) had an adorable relationship with Kira, and worked out his daddy issues. Plus, he’s awesome and draws comics. What’s not to like?

Karone and Ryan almost made this list, but it was too long already. 😀

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