Days 14 and 15

October 29, 2010

14-Favorite Mentor

There has only been one good mentor in all of Power Rangers.

No, not this guy. There’s a reason I have a Zordon fail tag that gets a lot of use.

I’m talking about this guy.

RJ. Look, the stool metaphor alone sold me on him. He looks out for his teams, he knows when to help them and when to let them figure things out on their own, and he helps them grow. Best freaking mentor ever. BEST.

The only other option was a hamster, so really, it wasn’t like there was a lot of competition.

But yeah, RJ. He is made of win.

(Why so much weed, RJ?)

(Also, first purple Ranger. LOVE.)

15-Favorite Support Staff

Hayley is awesome, totally did Tommy’s doctoral work for him, and is the brains behind the Dino Rangers. One day people will write me fic where she goes out to drinks with Kim and Kat and makes fun of Tommy for a million words. Also, she’s awesome and doesn’t put up with bullshit. Favorite.

FRAN. I love Fran! She likes books! And gets annoyed by the Rangers always leaving her to do work! And she is totally competent, and if I was in the Power Rangers universe, I would be Fran. If I was lucky enough.

Alpha is awesome. He was also awesome when he was briefly evil. Best robot ever, for real.

Honorable mention also goes to these two fine Doctors –

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Day 13

October 27, 2010

13-Favorite Monster of the Week

When I first started recapping episodes with Queenriley, I would have told you that my favorite was the Terror Toad. But that was because I had forgotten about the glory that was the Oysterizer.

Our reaction to that episode was… REALLY NSFW. I still CANNOT STOP LAUGHING. Best monster ever, y/y?

Runners up, both for having amazing monsters and for being amazing episodes as well.

The Terror Toad is still awesome, and Kimberly totally kicked its ass.

And Pudgy Pig is still oddly adorable.

And Waspicable just loved flowers! How can you not like this guy?

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Day 12

October 26, 2010

12 – Favorite villain sidekick

SCORPINA. Look at her threatening Aisha and Adam! She is badass! And seriously, needed so much more screentime, because she is awesome and kicks ass and I adore her. Seriously, she was a great villain and I wish she’d lasted longer on the show, since she just vanished after failing to get Adam to go out with her.

Runners up!

The great comedy team of Goldar and Rito. Also, I adore them.

Jindrax and Toxica – definitely one of the better parts of Wild Force. You have to respect Duke Orgs in love.

I would totally watch the Marah and Kapri show. They should hang out with Leelee. LOVE.

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Day 11

October 25, 2010

11-Favorite Henchmen

I’m going to go with the first are the best.

Of course, the second group was pretty awesome too.

Frankly, I thought most of the later henchmen were boring and annoying. But that was possibly because the putties got a lot more… well, not development, but screentime. Even if the zputties had a target on their chest.

Besides, sometimes the putties had pumpkins on their heads, and you have to love that.

(Since some people asked – for henchmen I meant things like Putties or Tengas. For villain sidekick I mean like Goldar or Scorpina  or Squatt and Baboo – not the MAIN villain, but one that is sidekick to the main villain. So, for DT – tyranadrones = henchmen. Elsa and Zeltrax = sidekick.  If you have a different interpretation, feel free to go ahead and use whatever you want, but that was what I meant when I came up with these categories.)

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Day 10

October 22, 2010

1-Favorite Redeemed Villain

Look, every single person on this is going to say Ecliptor.

And you know, Ecliptor is awesome. But, he’s not my answer.

These two are.

If you had told me when I started watching Jungle Fury that I was going to love Jarrod and Camille this much, I would have laughed at you. But OH MY GOD. I love them SO MUCH. And they should totally have a threesome with Casey, for real.

I am a sucker for saving themselves with the power of love, okay? And Camille is made of so much win and joy, and I can’t even. So yeah, Jarrod and Camille. Love.

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Days 8 and 9

October 21, 2010

My computer got a virus yesterday, so I didn’t get to post.

8-Favorite Formerly Evil Ranger

2 Rangers! I am incapable of choosing.

Ryan was my absolute favorite part of Lightspeed Rescue. (I also love Chad, but I love Ryan more.) His arch was fun, he was raised evil, and he was slashy as all hell with Carter. Plus, he had daddy issues like crazy. (There is a theme to things I love. Don’t judge me.) Also, he had an evil tattoo that tried to kill him whenever he morphed, and he morphed anyway so that he could save the world. Things I love. For real.

Oh, ASTRONOMA. Okay, Karone is again awesome. Again with the raised evil, but came back to the side of good as her own choice, because she realized her family was there. And then she gets the ultimate redemption in being chosen to be a Ranger. I just. Yes. Love. Karone did a lot of awful things as Astronoma, but she’s one of the most well rounded characters in the history of PR, and she more than earned her redemption.

9-Favorite villain

I think I’m missing the own point of my meme. How do you CHOOSE?

The Ooze is back! I love the movie to a degree that is probably unhealthy, but I don’t care. Ivan Ooze and his ridiculous scenery chewing is probably a part of that. He puts Rita and Zedd in a SNOW GLOBE. How awesome is that? (And he missed the Brady Bunch Reunion! You have to love this guy.)

Speaking of characters who grow and change – Trakeena! Not only is the actress awesome, but Trakeena got a ton of development, going from whiny and obnoxious to a pretty serious threat. Love.

Ransik may be another one where I love him so much because the actor was so awesome. He’s another scenery chewer (Lothor also almost made this list) but he’s fabulous and wonderful and he loves his daughter! Time Force did a great job dealing with issues or prejudice, and Ransik is frankly a wonderful kinda sympathetic villain. For a terrorist.

He has a punishment chamber, and is obsessed with Tommy. Plus, dinosaurs. *approves*

Like I was really going to leave them off my list. 😀 First and best, right? -:D

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Day 7

October 19, 2010

7-Favorite color Ranger.

When I came up with this meme, I meant this to be an overall “which color category of Rangers do you like best?” And I mean, my answer is honestly the Pink Rangers. Of course, if I could have a one color teamup, it would be Forever Yellow. (It might have been Blue, but my hatred of Dax is preventing that from ever happening. There’s no Yellow Ranger that I actually HATE, but Dax forever ruins Forever Blue.)

I love the female Rangers. LOVE. To a ridiculous degree. So yeah, the Pinks and Yellows are what I immediately think of for this question, but that isn’t how I’m going to answer it. Instead, I am going to spam you with my favorites of each color.

(For the record, I do subscribe to the theory that there are certain personality traits that the different colors share. It isn’t quite as strict as saying “all [color] are this” but there are definitely similarities.)

(Also, I really just feel like spamming everyone with pictures)

Feel free to ask me in the comments about either a) why a Ranger I’ve posted a picture of is awesome or b) for me to tell you an awesome thing that a Ranger who didn’t make my list did.  Basically, this is the TSB thinks Rangers are awesome and would like to do picspam and flaily post, ok?








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